Sunday, August 2, 2009


Item Code: SLD9756 Yellow
Material: Imitation Silk Measurement: Bust: 68-88cm Length: 83cm with stripe
Price: RM38.00

Item Code: SLD9756 Black

Item Code: SLD8805
Material: Cotton Measurement: Bust: 68-88cm Length: 80cm with stripe
Price: RM35.90

Item Code: SL9293 White
Material: South Korea Silk Measurement: Length: 80cm Waist: 90cm (strap cannot adjust)
Price: RM39.90

Item Code: SL9292 White
Material: South Korea Silk Measurement: Length: 75cm Waist: 100cm
Price: RM39.90

Item Code: SL9270 White
Material: Chiffon Maesurement: Bust: 85cm Length: 85cm
Price: RM46.00

Item Code: SL9226 Black
Material: Synthetic Silk (with belt) Measurement: Length: 85cm Shoulder: 42cm
Price: RM39.90

Item Code: SL9250 Purple
Material: Chiffon with Lining & zip Measurement: Bust:84cm Length:90cm
Price: RM45.00

Item Code: SL9250 Black

Item Code: SL9227 Red
Material: Cotton Measurement: Bust:80cm Length:90cm
Peice: RM42.00

Item Code: SL9227 Blue

Item Code: SL9219
Material: Cotton Measurement: Bust:90cm Length:80cm
Price: RM39.90

Item Code: SL9178 Grey
Material: Chiffon Measurement: Bust:90cm Length:70cm
Price: RM25.00

Item Code: SL9178 Black

Item Code: SL9150 Red
Material: Chiffon Measurement: Bust:88cm Length:82cm with zip
Price: RM39.00

Item Code: SL9150 Grey

Item Code: SL9127 Pink
Material: Chiffon Measurement: Bust:88cm Length:78cm Waist:70cm
Price: RM39.00

Item Code: SL9139 Pink
Material: Chiffon
Measurement: Bust:88cm Length:72cm
Price: RM39.00

Item Code: SL9139 Purple

Item Code: SL9191 White
Material: Smooth Silk
Measurement: Bust: 95cm Length: 68cm
Price: RM37.90

Item Code: SL9186 Beige
Material: Imitation Silk
Measurement: Bust:95cm Length:86cm
Price: RM35.00

Item Code: SL9171 White
Material: Polyester Cotton
Measurement: Bust:88cm Length:78cm Waist:75cm
Price: RM35.00

Item Code: SL9171 Black

Item Code: SL9153 Black
Material: Cotton
Measurement: Bust:76-86cm Length:61cm
Price: RM39.90

Item Code: SL9113 Red
Material: Polyester
Measurement: Bust:80-88cm Length:70cm
Price: RM35.90

Item Code: SL9113 Blue

Item Code: SL9113 Black

Item Code: SL9107 Red
Material: Sanding Cotton
Measurement: Bust:88-95cm Length:84cm
Price: RM39.90

Item Code: SL9107 Black

Item Code: SL9065 Black & White
Material: Cotton
Measurement: Length:76-86cm Sleeves:38cm Shoulder:36cm
Price: RM35.90

Item Code: SL9065 Black & Grey

Item Code: SL9073 Yellow
Material: Cotton
Measurement: Bust: 95cm Length: 60cm
Price: RM35.90

Item Code: SL9073 White

Item Code: SL9073 Blue

Item Code: SL9073 Black

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